Canzoniere del Lazio was one of the most notable Italian folk groups of the 1970's. The band was founded in Rome in 1972 with the intent of promoting new music inspired by the traditional Italian songbook and the sonorities of Rock and Jazz. Canzoniere del Lazio's original line-up included Carlo Siliotto (Violin, Guitar, Mandolin), Piero Brega (Voice), Francesco Giannattasio (Organ, Percussions) and Sara Modigliani (Voice and Flute), however it was later expanded to include other members such as Peter Kaukonen, Pasquale Minieri, Giorgio Vivaldi, Marcello Vento, Clara Murtas and many others. 

The group released six albums and performed on several national and international tours.




  • 1973 - Quando nascesti tune - Dischi del Sole (DS 1030/32)

  • 1974 - Lassa sta' la me creatura - Intingo (ITGL 14003)

  • 1976 - Spirito bono - Intingo (ITGL 14006)

  • 1977 - Canzoniere del Lazio - Italien - Amiga (8-45142) Berlin DDR

  • 1977 - Miradas - Cramps (CRSLP 5351)

  • 1978 - Morra - Intingo (ITLM 14503)